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We are a network of design professionals specializing in outdoor and landscape design. We offer affordable design and project management services to help you have an overall better landscaping experience. We take the hassle out of any project. We offer completely remote landscape design services to make designing your space as easy as ever!
Our founder built Lawnsketch after years of experience working in every aspect of landscaping and design. She wanted to make a better experience for customers. By focusing first on design and budget we help guide your project and help you get the best design for your buck! There is no pressure with us. Landscaping projects are expensive and most designers work with a landscaping company whose ultimate goal is to maximize profit. We only offer design services and charge a flat fee. We can connect you with experienced professionals in our network to continue with your project and make your designs a reality.
Whether you are just thinking of starting a landscaping project or just looking for ideas, the Lawnsketch community of designers and landscape professionals are here to help. 

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